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The Power to Shape Young Children

As a child care provider, teacher, or center director, you are in a great position of influence. The majority of children spend at least 40 hours per week in a child care setting, consuming 50%–75% of their daily calories while there. Nutrition and physical activity habits developed in early childhood often track into adolescence and adulthood. This means that early care and education providers have a tremendous amount of influence on shaping the nutrition and physical activity preferences of children and ultimately impacting their long-term health.

We know that the first 5 years of a child’s life are crucial—about 90% of brain development occurs during this time. Numerous factors impact this brain development, including a child’s nutrition and physical activity. In addition, young children are almost completely dependent on caregivers to present them with healthy food choices and active play opportunities.

ChildcareAlive! is here to partner with you as you provide children with the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits and an enjoyment of active play during these crucial, formative years. 


The curriculum includes nutrition and active play lessons for children ages 2–5 years.


Training provides a detailed overview of the curriculum, with activities demonstrated during the training. Training is Growing Futures and MNCPD approved.