Parachute Salad - Video

This video features a game called “Parachute Salad,” which is suggested in the ChildcareAlive! Activity “Vary Your Veggies.” This game teaches children about the great variety of vegetables in a playful way. A parachute will serve as the salad bowl, and a variety of plush vegetables will be thrown into the parachute. Remind children during this game about how many different colors of vegetables there are, and try to get as many colors in your salad as possible.

It is highly suggested to practice moving the parachute (as shown in the video), and to clearly explain the game to children before starting.

If you would like to know where you can purchase the items used in this activity, see the “Options for Purchasing Resources” section of the ChildcareAlive! Curriculum (Appendix A) to see different options.