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How Do You ChildcareAlive! Contest

Does your child care program love moving and eating healthy foods? We want to see how your program chooses to “ChildcareAlive!”. Send us a picture and explain in two sentences or less how the picture shows your program eating healthy or playing actively. Include your name, your program’s name (if applicable), and location when submitting a picture (please only submit pictures if you are a licensed child care provider in North Dakota or Minnesota.

Contest Starts October 2017!

Submit your picture in one of two ways:

  • Post on your Facebook timeline and mention ChildcareAlive by typing the “at” sign (@) immediately followed by ChildcareAlive in your post (@ChildcareAlive), OR
  • Email to childcarealivefm(at)gmail(dot)com with your two sentence description

One winner will be selected each month starting in October. The winner’s photo will be shared on Facebook every first Monday of the following month and in the monthly e-newsletter. Show the #ChildcareAlive Community how YOU choose to ChildcareAlive!